The Original Precision Metal Pick
since 1968       by David Reasoner
Brass Guitar Picks
Brass picks are made of
virgin yellow brass.  These
are slightly lighter than
bronze, and not as durable.  
Many guitarists choose these
for the tacky surface they
develop, which helps grip.  
They are soft and will tarnish
in about a week.  They also
give a slightly warmer tone,
which some guitarists seek.
Service life is expected to be
near five years, according to
customer reports.
$5.00 each
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These metal guitar picks are designed for the
professional guitarist.  They are used by over 58 top
name groups for distinctive and unmatched tone. They
are engineered and manufactured to a very precise
specification, creating a precision tool for your playing.
Professionals have told me for years how they would
never go back to a plastic flex pick.  If you are new to
these picks, give yourself about a month to adapt.  It is a
well known fact that most professionals evolve to a rigid
pick.  Remember, if it isn't a DR pick, it isn't the original.
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