The Original Precision Metal Pick
since 1968       by David Reasoner
                                                                        Dealer Inquiry

Dealers are very welcome.  We have very attractive dealer discounts at various price
To become a dealer all you have to do is convince me you are a dealer.  Use the Contact Us
page for our mail address.  Please note this is NOT the email address.  Send me a letter of
request describing your business.  Include a business card, an ad from a phone book, a
letterhead, or other item(tax id,DBA doc, etc.).  If I am convinced...welcome aboard.  I will
send you the dealer prices, and other important ordering information.  Careful...don't falsely
represent yourself as someone you are not,  just to get dealer prices.

No sub-dealers(wholesalers) are allowed.  DR Guitar Picks is the only source for these
picks to a  dealer.  In other words I have NO dealers under contract to sell to other dealers.

All the picks are marked on the card for retail price.

Dealers in the State of Texas will need to provide appropriate tax information for sales tax

 Our website is a retail store outlet only.  All dealer business is conducted by normal mail
and phone contact.
2600 Canyon Drive
Amarillo, Texas 79110
phone 806-372-5404