The Original Precision Metal Pick
since 1968       by David Reasoner
Stainless Steel Guitar Picks
Stainless steel picks are the best
choice for durability.  These picks
are made of virgin non-magnetic
high quality stainless steel.  I have
many professional customers who
are still playing with the same pick
they purchased over 25 years ago.  
If you are like most guitarists, you
carry a pick in your pocket.
Over the years it attains a slight
frosted finish by rubbing against
coins and other items.  This usually
helps with grip. As time goes on you
become more and more
comfortable with the feel,  and you
discover all the special moves it
allows you to make.  Take a look at
your DR stainless steel pick after
ten years or so, and I'm sure you
will is alive, well, and a
good friend!
$4.00 each
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These metal guitar picks are designed for the
professional guitarist.  They are used by over 58 top
name groups for distinctive and unmatched tone. They
are engineered and manufactured to a very precise
specification, creating a precision tool for your playing.
Professionals have told me for years how they would
never go back to a plastic flex pick.  If you are new to
these picks, give yourself about a month to adapt.  It is a
well known fact that most professionals evolve to a rigid
pick.  Remember, if it isn't a DR pick, it isn't the original.
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